Scott Satterfield University of Louisville football coach Scott Satterfield speaks during media day. Aug. 2, 2022 Af5i3231

The Cincinnati Bearcats are set to hire Louisville Cardinals head coach Scott Satterfield. It’s a somewhat curious hiring considering the Bearcats made the College Football Playoffs in 2021 and Satterfield went 25-24 in his four years coaching the Cardinals.

Only time will tell if the Bearcats made the right call in replacing former head coach Luke Fickell, who departed to take over the Wisconsin Badgers program late last month.

However, the college football world was quick to blast Satterfield for his cowardly exit from the Louisville program, choosing to do so by FaceTime rather than face-to-face with his former players.

“Coach Satterfield, you’re a funny guy just letting the team know via FaceTime. Can’t even do it in person?” asked Louisville fullback Vincent Lococo.

Satterfield’s shadiness apparently extended to his former staff, too.

“Assistant coach tells me he found out ‘an hour ago on Twitter.’ [The coach said,] ‘I hate it because we would have stayed here forever,'” reported Mike Rutherford.

Fans were much more merciless:

“Terrible stuff… Some of these kids are finding out thru Twitter like the rest of us… I cannot imagine… As a mom of an athlete… this isn’t right. Have some decency and respect for the kids/their families before it gets leaked to the media! Be an adult!” wrote one fan.


“The Ol Satt “God, family and football” mentality. Gonna miss him at Louisville as a UK fan,” wrote a Kentucky fan.

“Whenever I feel bad about Clemson running an incompetent athletic program (and outside of football, they do) I just remember at least we aren’t Louisville,” wrote one Clemson fan.

This is all especially awkward considering Louisville faces Cincinnati in the 2022 Fenway Bowl on Dec. 17th.