A bowl game even if a team is not playing for a national championship, is supposed to be a fun reward for teams who had a good season.

One of the activities that the players participate in is the bowl luncheon where players are basically asked to show off any talents they may have.

If Ole Miss safety CJ Terrell doesn’t make it in the NFL, he may become a recording artist because the young man has some pipes for him.

Terrell was volunteered by his teammates during a luncheon for the Texas Bowl which will be played Wednesday night, to sing and boy did he.

Terrell sang the Chris Stapleton/Justin Timberlake hit “Tennessee Whiskey” to rounding applause by the audience.

The senior safety looked shocked that he was called up to the stage to sing and he didn’t disappoint. The Rebels may not win the game against Texas Tech, but they at least won the talent contest.

And folks across social media were blown away by Terrell’s performance.

As you can tell, a lot of people were impressed by Terrell. Terrell has been a leader on this Rebels’ defense on and off the field and they hope his leadership will lead them to a victory over Texas Tech.

{The Rebel Walk}

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