Deion Sanders Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say that Deion Sanders has exceeded expectations during his first three games as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. But during a recent interview, he took it a step further, declaring himself the best coach in college football right now.

During a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Deion Sanders was asked who he thinks is the best coach in all of college football right now, and he boldly claimed that he is.

“Let me see a mirror, so I can look at it. You think I’m going to sit up here and tell you somebody else? You think that’s the way I operate? That somebody else got that on me?” Sanders said during hte interview, according to On3.

However, Sanders did have some high praise for Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban.

“I’ll tell you this: I love and I adore and I respect and every time I do a commercial with coach [Nick] Saban it’s a gift. Just sitting in his presence and hearing him and throwing something else out there so I can hear his viewpoint on it, because he’s forgotten more things than I may ever accomplish. So I’m a student looking up to this wonderful teacher saying just throw me a crumb of what you know.”

Those are certainly some bold words from Sanders, but it’s safe to say that he’s been impressive so far.