Deion Sanders Deion Sanders got the celebrity treatment on Big Noon Kickoff on Saturday morning. | Credit: Fox TV

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders did an in-depth interview on 60 Minutes Sunday night about his career and success as a football coach.

One of the many questions that were asked of Sanders was why he left Jackson State for Colorado and Sanders had a simple explanation, he had finished the job.

“I didn’t leave quick,” Sanders said. “I left when I was supposed to leave. We finished. Most coaches get a new job and they leave expeditiously. I finished the task.”

Many Jackson State fans were disappointed and upset when Sanders announced he’d be taking the Colorado job and some are upset to this day with his decision.

When asked how did he explain to his players that he was leaving Sanders said:

“Opportunity called. Sooner than later in life there will be opportunity that knocks at your door and at this juncture in my life, I felt like the opportunity for not only me but for my kids as well was tremendous,” he said. “Not only did we take several kids from that team – three trainers, maybe 12 of the 14 staffers. So, we afforded to give people tremendous opportunity here.”

Sanders also said he believed that God called him to Colorado and while his team has become the darlings of college football, he still faces harsh criticism but he brushes it off.

Sanders and his Buffaloes will face their biggest challenge of the season when they face the Oregon Ducks on Saturday in Eugene.

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