Deion Sanders Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to Saturday night’s game between the Colorado Buffaloes and the Colorado State Rams, Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell had some pretty clear trash talk for Deion Sanders, blasting Sanders for the way that he dressed and claiming he was “tired” of Sanders and the way he ran his team. And it seems that Sanders was thinking about those comments during the game on Saturday.

Deion Sanders and his Buffaloes were trailing by double digits in the game at one point in the fourth quarter despite entering the game as more than three touchdown favorites. It was at that point, Sanders said, that he began to think about how embarrassing it would be to lose the game after all the comments from Jay Norvell.

“Truthfully, there was one point in the game where I said, ‘We can’t let this dude win. Ain’t no way we’re letting this dude win.’ His press conference is going to be unbearable if we let this dude win,’” Deion Sanders said.

Obviously, Sanders didn’t have to worry about that as his team overcame the late deficit and won in double overtime. But it’s funny to think that Sanders was actually concerned about how the press conference would go had they lost.