Deion Sanders

When the Colorado Buffalos decided to hire NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders as the program’s next head coach earlier this year, it was clear that he was going to make quite a few changes to the struggling program. And you can already see the impact he’s had on the locker room – for better or worse.

A recent video shows just how much influence and change Deion Sanders has brought to the program since he became the team’s head coach, down to the very specific dress code.

In a video shared on Twitter by Unnecessary Roughness, Sanders can be seen kicking a player out of the team’s weight room during a warmup after a relatively minor violation of the team’s dress code: his socks.

“Hey, hey. Put it down,” Sanders said, pointing at a player just after he walked into the weight.

“Get out,” Sanders said to the player, pointing at the door. “White socks.”

As the video shows, everyone else in the weight room is wearing black socks – a clear sign that there is indeed a dress code for the team.

It may seem overly strict to some, but it’s how Sanders has chosen to run his program. And it appeared to work during his one season at Jackson State.

[Unnecessary Roughness]