Deion Sanders Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders talks about the Alcorn game and what lies ahead for the Tigers during a news conference at Jackson State in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. Tcl Deion Sanders

One of the hottest prospects in the college football coaching world is Deion Sanders, who has turned Jackson State into one of the top FCS programs in the nation. However, while his name has come up for some of the biggest FBS job openings in the country, there might be an obstacle to being able to hire him at that level.

According to Action Network’s Brett McMurphy, sources have told him that there are concerns surrounding Sanders and how things played out with his failed Prime Prep Academy.

“It is in the front of every president’s mind,” a source told McMurphy.

Before he found success with Jackson State, Sanders started Prime Time Prep, a collection of charter schools, in 2012. It initially served as the focus of a reality TV show about Sanders. However, the school closed in 2015 due to financial insolvency. The academy also ran into myriad problems around its football program, and there were accusations of fraud, racism, and influence peddling. The academy and its nonprofit sponsor were also involved in a federal lawsuit alleging wrongdoing in the National School Lunch Program. Many former students also spoke out about the way they were treated by Sanders and the school.

The Texas Education Agency oversees the school and an agency official noted in 2015 that Prime Prep’s finances were among the worst he had seen at a charter school.

On one hand, it’s definitely worth considering that things went so poorly at Prime Prep and that there were so many allegations of fraud and illegal activity. On the other hand, college football is also the sport where Bobby Petrino, Hugh Freeze, and Steve Sarkisian got second chances and Art Briles continues to get potential new opportunities every few years.

[Brett McMurphy]

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