Former president Donald Trump is illuminated by blue strobe lights as he arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City Tuesday, April 4, 2023. USA TODAY

Former United States President Donald Trump, who is running for president once again in 2024, is an avid sports fan. He owns several golf courses across the world, owned a football team in the USFL back in the 80s, is a key advocate of LIV Golf, and has regularly been seen at UFC events in recent years. As a result, he’ll be making another appearance at a major college football game this month, but his presence is setting up a pretty major problem.

As Fits News reports, Donald Trump is set to attend next week’s rivalry showdown between the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks. But his attendance at the game won’t exactly be a simple task to accomplish as sources have told Fit News that his appearance will be a “massive production” involving a “massive law enforcement presence.”

Fit News reports that Trump’s motorcade will cause shutdowns of multiple traffic arteries – including Interstate freeways – before and after the game leading to major traffic problems in an area that already had traffic concerns.

“He could lose more votes than he picks up due to the traffic alone,” one source told Fit News.

So any fans hoping to attend the game should be warned that traffic will be worse than usual thanks to Trump.

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