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The Florida Gators were pummeled in the SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl on Saturday.

The Oregon State Beavers delivered that pummeling, as they defeated the Gators 30-3. But what’s more notable is what happened at the end of the game, which won’t be a highlight for years to come.

Florida hadn’t been hit with a shutout in a game since 1988. That year, they lost 16-0 to Auburn in October. So since that day, the Gators hadn’t gone an entire game without any points. That shutout streak was threatened on Saturday in a massive way. However, the streak continued. Just… in a very sad way.

The Gators kicked one of the saddest field goals you might ever see. PFF College tweeted the video with the caption, “Down 30-0 with 40 seconds remaining, Florida kicks the FG to avoid being shutout for the first time since 1988.”

There have been some sad field goals before and there will be again after. The question should be, “How do they compare to this?”

The CFB world wasted no time in laughing at the Gators’ sad field goal and it was abundantly clear they weren’t going to let up.

Adam Kramer tweeted, “Not sure I’ve ever seen a sadder field goal, Florida.”

Elsewhere, Yahoo! Sports’ College Football Twitter account called it “an unbelievably sad field goal.”

Bill Oram of The Oregonian tweeted how the fans felt. And it wasn’t too great. He tweeted, “Florida getting hailed in boos for kicking the field goal here. Very deserved.”

Finally, TV reporter Cayden McFarland didn’t hold back and tweeted, “Normally, I would say kicking a field goal down 30-0 in the final minutes, is a weak move, but Florida sends its JV team to Bowl Games, so I get it.”

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