Florida vs. Florida State facemask

Florida State’s football team snapped a three-game losing streak against their rivals, the Florida Gators on Friday. It was an exciting 45-38 victory that featured multiple momentum swings and big plays. It also included some referee controversy, especially on Florida’s ultimately unsuccessful final drive.

If there’s a good thing about the controversies, both teams benefited from one. Initially, it was the Gators.

An incomplete pass from Florida’s Anthony Richardson on fourth down seemed to lock up a victory for the Seminoles. Only, Florida State’s Jarques McClellion was controversially flagged for pass interference, extending the drive.

The good vibes between the Gators and the officials didn’t last long, though.

Florida drove the ball deep into Florida State territory but again needed to convert on fourth-and-long to extend the game. The Seminoles brought pressure, which Richardson managed to escape. But after breaking away from a sack, he couldn’t pull off any more magic. His pass fell harmlessly incomplete, with one of his teammates anywhere near the ball.

Bua t closer look at the near sack shows that Florida State’s Jammie Robinson appeared to grab Richardson’s facemask before the quarterback broke away.

We’ve seen more blatant facemask calls missed this year. Still, that should have been called.

The referees were blasted after the game for both the controversial pass interference and equally controversial missed facemask.

What’s unfortunate is that the focus should be squarely on the players. Florida State’s Jordan Travis had an otherworldy performance. Richardson and the Gators, meanwhile, were offensively inept through in the third quarter but managed to tie the game in the fourth quarter with two touchdowns.

Ultimately, though, these calls/no-calls from the officials will be talked about and remembered just like those great plays were.

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