Iowa Hawkeyes offense LAST

The Iowa Hawkeyes offense has garnered a bit of a reputation in the 2022 college football season so far. And that’s reflected in the statistics as well.

After not being able to score a touchdown in their first game of the season, it’s become a punchline to note how inept their offensive output has been, to the point where people started trolling head coach Kirk Ferentz and offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz. Last week’s game against Rutgers was dubbed the Punt Bowl as many expected it to be a miserable offensive affair, and it mostly was.

Iowa hosts the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday and it’s being hailed as a showdown between the Hawkeyes’ defense and the Wolverines’ offense. But even the Fox graphics team made sure to give Iowa’s offense its due in a very embarrassing way.

When Iowa’s offense took the field for the first time, the Fox graphic could have said that they ranked 12th in the Big Ten in scoring, passing, and rushing. However, they decided instead to go with an all-caps “LAST.”

Naturally, the college football world had a field day with this.

Honestly, the Fox graphics team perhaps didn’t go far enough given what was ahead of them today.

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