iowa Hawkeyes Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the Iowa Hawkeyes have struggled in recent years under offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz – the son of head coach Kirk Ferentz. And with news that Ferentz has a clause in his new contract that requires 25 points per game to hit an incentive, one expert thinks that could present some problems for the Hawkeyes.

During his podcast this week, college football analyst Joel Klatt predicted this season could be “a total fiasco” for the Hawkeye offense.

“Iowa could be a total fiasco this next year with the whole Brian Ferentz has to score 25 points [thing],” Klatt said on The Joel Klatt Show according to On3. “I mean, it’s not fair to Cade McNamara. And yet, here they are, a defense that’s always good. Best defense over the last couple of years in college football outside of Georgia, which was on a totally different level. Here’s Iowa. They’re absolutely going to be fantastic on defense. We know that, and they should be better on offense. This is a team that should threaten in the Big Ten. They should. But they’ve got this arbitrary mark have 25 points.

“You’re telling me that they’re not going to take like, ‘Hey, you’re winning every every game by like 21 to 10.’ ‘Well, we’re not averaging 25 points.’ Who cares? Who cares? I think that this is gonna put an undue pressure on the play-caller, Brian Ferentz. It’s going to put undue pressure on Cade McNamara and the rest of the offense. This could be a total fiasco at Iowa. … They scored 17.7 points per game. Now, you put some arbitrary number out there, it’s not going to help anybody. But great defense. Kirk is still there. I think it’s gonna be an interesting one.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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