Deion Sanders Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders discusses what the Tigers need to work on and what they will face with Alcorn in their upcoming game during a news conference at JSU in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2022. Tcl Deion Sanders

ESPN college football analyst Joey Galloway caused of a bit of a controversy when he talked about Deion Sanders and his former school Jackson State.

Galloway said before Sanders arrived he never heard of Jackson State.

Galloway was quoted as saying “what he did for HBCUs, what he did for Jackson State, I don’t know about you guys, but I never heard of Jackson State before Deion Sanders got there. The success he had there was amazing.”

Fans across the country were shocked that someone like Galloway who played college football at Ohio State and has been a college football analyst for the network for several years, had never heard of Jackson State.

Jackson State has put 94 players in the NFL over the years which include several NFL Hall of Famers such as Walter Payton and recently Robert Brazile who played with Payton back in the 70s at JSU.

Jackie Slater, who played for the Rams for many years, is also in the hall of fame. Some fans were stunned and upset by Galloways’ admission and wondered where the heck had been over the years not to know these facts about the school.

Some people don’t blame just Galloway alone for his lack of knowledge but also ESPN.

Some fans actually sided with Galloway on this one.

Galloway often refers to himself as a student of the game, but this is a bad look for a guy who supposedly knows the history of college football.


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