The Red River Showdown between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns lacks its traditional national title implications, but it’s still one of the most iconic rivalries in the sport for a reason.

Texas staked itself to a 28-0 lead in the second quarter and reduced an Oklahoma fan to tears. Things only got worse for the Sooners from there, with the Longhorns leading 42-0 after three quarters.

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant, an alumnus of the University of Texas and a legendary tweeter in his own right, couldn’t resist the chance to needle his collegiate arch-rivals, specifically targeting Brent Venables, the former Clemson Tigers defensive coordinator serving his first year as the Sooners head coach.

“Ayo somebody tell Brent Venables to pass the joystick….this ain’t it,” Durant tweeted, alluding to a video game saying in which the losing player passes the controller to the next player waiting to play.

The college football world was quick to react to Durant’s roast.

“Kevin Durant is enjoying Red River,” Nicole Auerbach tweeted.

Joseph Goodson simply elected for the celebratory GIF.

“This might be as much fun as Kevin Durant has for the next 9 months…” wrote Matt Zemek.

“KD from the top rope!” wrote a Twitter user.

“Y’all this [is] bad when we all [are] agreeing with KD,” wrote another user.

The Horns lead the Sooners, 49-0, early in the fourth quarter.

[Kevin Durant]