Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz (right) with his son, offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz. Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz (right) with his son, offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz. Syndication Usa Today

The Iowa Hawkeyes offense was a punching bag this past college football season, thanks in large part to Brian Ferentz’s play-calling and dad Kirk Ferentz’s lack of desire to remove his son from that position for the betterment of the program.

College football fans making jokes at Iowa’s expense became commonplace and whenever the Hawkeyes’ offense actually scored a touchdown it was treated like an almost magical occurrence. Still, Papa Ferentz dug in his heels on sticking with his nepobaby offensive coordinator regardless of the ineptitude.

On Wednesday, Kirk met the with media to discuss National Signing Day and the state of the Iowa football program. He was invariably asked if he was considering any change to the coaching staff given the offensive issues. While he could have said he was looking into potential changes for roles and play-calling, the head coach instead doubled down.

“I anticipate no changes in our staff moving forward,” said Ferentz.

The college football world had a field day with Kirk’s comments given how completely out of step they are with reality. If Brian Ferentz had a different last name, the idea that he would still be the offensive coordinator is laughable. And given that Kirk essentially has a lifetime contract with Iowa, the situation seems pretty dire for Hawkeyes fans who want to watch good football games and see their team win.

We wouldn’t say it’s going to be fun for Iowa next year, but it’s certainly going to be…something.

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