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Kirk Herbstreit often finds himself entangled in a situation online. Thursday proved no different, as the ESPN and Amazon football analyst got into it on Twitter with longtime Cincinnati Reds beat reporter C. Trent Rosecrans.

This seems to have started when Herbstreit voiced his thoughts on the situation the Reds are dealing with, surrounding prolific youngster Elly De La Cruz and former Rookie of the Year Jonathan India. With Cruz up now, it’s become a question of what India’s future is with the team. Herbstreit appeared on Foul Territory TV to explain the situation and how he believes India shouldn’t be moved, among other things. But it didn’t seem to do much to quell things.

Rosecrans got on Twitter then and went after Herbie. “Funny, @KirkHerbstreit says he ‘doesn’t know anything about Elly De La Cruz’ and says he likes Matt ‘McCain’ — but he knows how to do my job, which he seems to think is to promote the Reds and help them win,” Rosecrans said.

Herbstreit did not take kindly to this at all and responded with a tweet of his own.

“Never told you how to do your job-I don’t even know who you are. I’m a fan who loves his team, you’re a troll looking for attention. Hustle back to creating clicks and causing trouble!” he tweeted.

Resorting to name-calling — calling Rosecrans a “troll” – is a major minus (As is saying he doesn’t know Rosecrans? He’s one of the team’s most prominent reporters). Suffice it to say, Rosecrans had an answer for him.

“Well, see, @KirkHerbstreit didn’t even get past the byline of the story he claimed to read. Or apparently read about the Reds in the last 16 years or so,” Rosecrans said.

The sports world was somewhat split on opinion, although many Reds fans weren’t thrilled about what Herbstreit said.

Even Ken Rosenthal got into the mix, who claimed Kirk Herbstreit was “being ridiculous.”

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