Lane Kiffin

Over the years, Ole Miss Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin has emerged as one of the top offensive minds in all of college football, but it appears has got some hidden musical talent as well. In fact, based on a recent video that has since gone viral, it looks like Kiffin could have been a rock star in another life.

This week, Lane Kiffin hosted a high school graduation party for his daughter in his backyard. The party included a live band, and that band was quickly joined by Kiffin, who grabbed a guitar and stood behind a mic to show off some of his musical talent – all while wearing a Poison t-shirt.

It sounds like a magnificent scene and a brief video of the moment has since made its way to the Internet.

“Well when Landry asked me to stay at Ole Miss for her, I did. When she asked me to get on stage for her, I did. High school graduation party in the backyard,” Kiffin texted OutKick’s Trey Wallace on Tuesday night.

Kiffin told OutKick that he and the band sang songs like “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” with the band. He also revealed that the Poison t-shirt he was wearing was given to him by lead singer Bret Michaels.

All in all, it’s an incredible scene.

[Jake McAnally]