Oct 15, 2022; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; USC Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley speaks with quarterback Caleb Williams (13) during a time out against the Utah Utes in the second quarter at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders has taken a lot of criticism for the way he ensembled his roster. Basically, Sanders got rid of his old players and replaced his roster with new players from the transfer portal.

While he lost most of the players from last year’s team, the formula appears to be working. One of the few coaches that supports Sanders is USC Trojans head coach Lincoln Riley.

When Riley left Oklahoma to become the head coach of SC, he came under fire too for the way he was building his roster too, so that may explain why he has taken Sander’s side in this argument.

“I give (Sanders) credit,” Riley said. “We all know what the rules are. We all know what the parameters are. And our job is to build the best teams that we can for the universities that give us the opportunity to do it. No excuses… There obviously needed to be a roster transformation there in coach Sanders’ opinion, and he went about it aggressively. Obviously, the success of that for us or anybody else will be determined on the field as time goes on.”

Riley’s roster moves paid off for him big time as his Trojans won 11 games last year and played for the Pac-12 title, Sanders is hoping for that same success.


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