Mayo Bowl fan

When the Duke’s Mayo Bowl comes around, you know what to expect. The winning coach is going to get doused in mayonnaise when it’s all over. But the marketing wizards over at Duke’s added a new wrinkle this year by awarding one “lucky” fan with a chance to eat an entire jug of mayo during the game between the Maryland Terrapins and NC State Wolfpack.

Early on, the camera zeroed in on Jay Arnold, who had earned the distinction of being “Duke’s Mayo Bowl Millionth Fan.” The prize for such an honor was that he got a giant jug of Duke’s Mayo and had the opportunity to slam that thing during the entire game.

We’re guessing that there was a bit of pre-planning here. Arnold didn’t exactly come out. A former college football player for Texas A&M, he recently went viral for his thoughts on Taco Bell and has a newsletter about BBQ. He’s exactly the kind of trending college football personality who would ensure that a lot of people in that sphere would want to share the video. Well played.

Here are some fun reactions from the college football world.

Let’s get some thoughts and prayers up for [Jay Arnold].” wrote Adam Jacobi.

Love to see it [Jay Arnold],” said Sickos Committee

“MAYONNAISE BOY!!!!, exclaimed Detroit Free-Press editor Andrew Hammond.

Good luck to Arnold on his mayo quest today. And good luck to anyone sharing a hotel room with him this evening.

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