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Many football fans were extremely outraged after Colorado State Rams defensive back Henry Blackburn laid a dirty, late hit on Colorado’s Travis Hunter, which ended up resulting in an injury for Hunter. And you can add Dallas Cowboys star pass rusher Micah Parsons to that list of angry fans.

Hunter was removed from the game directly after the hit, and Blackburn was assessed a personal foul but was not ejected.

Parsons spoke about the play, saying that he believes that Blackburn should have been ejected for the play.

“That was so malicious and dirty,” Parsons said on his podcast “The Edge with Micah Parsons” via Bleacher Report. “I thought that guy should have gotten ejected. That was something you hate to see in football. The fact that he went around his own player and hit Travis Hunter. That is malicious intent and super dirty.”

Parsons then went even further on his rant against Henry Blackburn, saying that he believes that Blackburn shouldn’t be “playing in any football league”.

“This guy should not be playing in any football league. At the end of the day, we are competing and we want to compete our best. But we need to protect our brothers man. This right here is not okay.”

Parsons is far from the only one ripping Blackburn for the play, as Blackburn has even reportedly received death threats from angry fans about the incident.

While that is obviously way too far, the play was definitely dirty, Blackburn was very clearly in the wrong on that play.

Unfortunately, that play is seemingly going to impact the remainder of Hunter’s season. Colorado head coach Deion Sanders revealed on Sunday that Hunter will at least miss “a couple of weeks” with an injury from the play.

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