Michigan State's video board displayed an image of Adolf Hitler during pregame trivia before Saturday's game against Michigan.. Photo Credit: Alexander Haenke/Twitter Adolf Hitler’s image is displayed at Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium after a trivia question about him. Photo Credit: Alexander Haenke/Twitter

Michigan State’s athletic department has issued a statement after an image of Adolf Hitler was displayed on the Spartan Stadium videoboard before Saturday’s game against Michigan.

The image was part of pregame trivia questions that were being shown on the board before most fans were at their seats. The question asked where Hitler was born?

When the answer (Austria) was displayed, an image of Hitler was shown, as well.

Naturally, that sparked a lot of backlash. In response, Matt Larson, Michigan State’s Associate Athletic Director, issued an apology, citing “a third-party source.”

“MSU is aware that inappropriate content by a third-party source was displayed on the videoboard prior to the start of tonight’s football game,” the statement said, H/T Jeanna Trotman, Detroit’s WXYZ/ABC. “We are deeply sorry for the content that was displayed, as this is not representative of our institutional values. MSU will not be using the third-party source going forward and will implement stronger screening and approval procedures for all videoboard content in the future.”

Videoboard trivia is fairly common before games and it makes sense that a team/school would use a third-party source. That said, it’s hard to understand how Michigan State didn’t have more control — or at least, knowledge — of what images would be displayed on its videoboard.

We can only assume that this has forced college and pro teams everywhere to revisit their pregame entertainment.

[Jeanna Trotman]

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