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Mississippi State won the Egg Bowl for the first time since 2019 on Thursday, defeating rival Ole Miss in dramatic fashion. When the game was over, the Bulldogs decided to have a little fun at the Rebels’ expense. More specifically, Mississippi State had fun at the expense of Ole Miss’ head coach, Lane Kiffin.

It was an interesting week for Kiffin. On Monday, Jon Sokoloff, Sports Director of WCBI in Mississippi reported that Kiffin was planning on stepping down as coach of the Rebels to become the head football coach at Auburn.

Kiffin quickly shot the report down but took it a step further, mocking Sokoloff’s report by tweeting a nearly identical phony release.

Whoever runs the Twitter page of Mississippi State Athletics took note of that. After the game on Thursday, a similar “release” was sent out by the Bulldogs.

This is one of the things that gives college rivalries a special feel. Several people in the college football world loved what the Bulldogs did.

Thursday’s game left both schools with identical 8-4 overall records and 4-4 in the SEC. With the win, the Bulldogs will break a tie and finish ahead of the Rebels in the SEC West standings.

When the game was over, Kiffin reiterated that he hopes to coach the Rebels in 2023.

So, he may get a chance at revenge. Until then, though, the Bulldogs will get to enjoy this victory and the trolling that comes with it.

[Mississippi State Athletics on Twitter]

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