Fighting Irish Domer Dog

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and we can all hope that’s true for the Fighting Irish Domer Dogs that are being served at Allegiant Stadium today as Notre Dame takes on BYU there.

BYU sports writer Sean Walker shared a photo of the Domer Dog on Twitter before the game. Smothered in chili with dabs of mustard, the hot dog rests on a bright green bun. It appears to come with green popcorn and some kind of unknown dessert on the side.

Somehow, the photo Walker shared was the most appealing version of the abomination.

It’s unclear why anyone would choose to eat that, but college football has seen its fair share of strange and disturbing food items before.

The reactions to this horrifying hot dog certainly caught the attention of the college football world.

Good luck to everyone brave enough to eat that and congrats to the Las Vegas Raiders on showcasing their state-of-the-art football stadium’s world-class cuisine.

As for the game itself, Notre Dame (2-2) comes in attempting to try and put their slow start behind them as they attempt to get in a better position for a bowl game. BYU (4-1), meanwhile, is looking for a quality win (at least in terms of name brand) and to remind the college football world they’re the better team, at least on paper.

[Sean Walker]

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