Ohio State-Michigan College Gameday Week 13

Week 13 of the college football season will feature perhaps the most anticipated matchup of the year between the No. 2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and the No. 3 ranked Michigan Wolverines.

Both Ohio State and Michigan were tested on Saturday but escaped with late victories, setting up a battle of unbeaten teams in Week 14.

Given the extreme stakes between these two powerhouse teams, ESPN has revealed that their location for College GameDay next weekend will be in Columbus, Ohio for the matchup.

This was obviously expected, but fans of both teams took to social media to express their excitement for this decision in what should be a very enjoyable atmosphere prior to the game.

This game could certainly have some significant impact on the College Football Playoff picture moving forward.

Both Ohio State and Michigan are two of the four undefeated teams remaining in college football, along with the TCU Horned Frogs (who also survived a scare on Saturday) and the Georgia Bulldogs.

There are guaranteed to be at most three undefeated teams after next week’s matchup, and the loser in Columbus will then hope that its resume stacks up favorably to other one-loss teams in contention for a playoff spot.

Regardless, the rivalry always makes for a great game and ESPN’s College Gameday going to the matchup should make “The Game” feel even more special.

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