DJ Johnson Oregon Ducks linebacker DJ Johnson punches an Oregon State fan on the field after the Ducks shocking loss on Saturday.

The Oregon State Beavers overcame a 21-point deficit on Saturday to take out the Oregon Ducks in a shocking upset. This was clearly a devastating loss for Oregon. When it was over, a disturbing incident occurred involving an Oregon State fan and Ducks linebacker, DJ Johnson

As Johnson was walking off the field, Oregon State fans began to pile onto the field to celebrate the victory.

One fan, in particular, walked in front of Johnson, and Johnson wildly threw a punch at the back of his head.

The video of the incident was originally shared by an Oregon State fan on social media. It looks like the fan that was assaulted may have said or gestured something to Johnson that led to the interaction.

Regardless, this is an absolutely disgusting incident that cannot happen if you are Johnson, and it has certainly drawn attention for all the wrong reasons around the college football world.

Luckily Oregon coaches escorted Johnson away from the situation quickly so that there were no retaliation shots thrown, but this is still a damper on what was an excellent game between the two teams.

This could certainly be very costly for Oregon moving forward. Johnson currently leads the Oregon Ducks in sacks on the season, and there could certainly be a suspension heading his way for his involvement in this altercation.

Johnson could have easily avoided this situation by simply ignoring the fan, but instead he decided to jeopardize the remainder of his season for a silly punch.

[Photo Credit: WCNYGFan on Twitter]

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