Bryan Harsin

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron made a lot of noise Wednesday when he said Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin was already let go by the school and he was just playing out the season.

According to later reports, the rumor that McCarron started was found to be untrue.

With his report debunked, McCarron was at the mercy of critics, including ESPN’s Paul Finebaum. Finebaum joked Thursday that this was the second loss McCarron took at the hands of Auburn.

“AJ has fumbled this one terribly,” Finebaum said to Mark Heim of WNSP radio out of Mobile, Alabama. “He’s now 0-2 in his last two encounters with Auburn.” Finebaum even said himself last week that after the Penn State loss that Harsin was done.

McCarron lost to the Tigers in the infamous “Kick 6” game in 2013 when the Tigers ran a missed field goal back for a touchdown.

While McCarron’s story has been dismissed, it’s not without some merit. There have been rumors since the summer that Harsin was about to be fired by the school and there were even rumors saying his job was in jeopardy if he had lost the Missouri game last Saturday.

So while people might poo-poo McCarron’s report, it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise if Auburn decides to go in another direction soon.

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