Paul Finebaum

After watching Auburn escape against the Missouri Tigers Saturday, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum has concluded that it is too little and too late for Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin.

Finebaum said on on WJOX-FM’s “McElroy and Cubelic in The Morning” in Birmingham, Alabama, that Harsin will most likely be gone soon.

“I was watching that game on a plane at 32,000 feet, which is good in this sense because there’s nowhere to go,” he said. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if I was in the Auburn section or even worse, on the Missouri sideline. Listen, there’s nothing else I can add in terms of the ineptitude, but I came away really depressed about both programs and the future of both programs. To me, the Bryan Harsin conversation has nowhere to go. It’s over for Bryan Harsin. He’s made no compelling argument to keep his job. You can celebrate a win and scream War Eagle guys, but watch his coaching during that game. It was sad.”

Many Auburn fans were especially upset with Harsin and his playcalling. Some even said even though the Tigers won it felt like a loss because of how they played.

It will be interesting to see if Auburn will keep Harison or dump him before the end of the season if things go downhill as many predict.

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