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We are just days away from the official kick-off of the 2023 college football season and per usual predictions are rolling out left and right.

Of course, ESPN’s Paul Finebaum has offered some opinions that will surely stir up the masses.

Finebaum made a surprising pick on which SEC team may struggle this year and it’s not who you think.

He seems to think that the LSU Tigers might have a huge letdown this upcoming year.

“Well, I think LSU is probably the school that could be in that conversation,” Finebaum said on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning. “Because of the schedule. And we may be talking a week from today about what went wrong for them. I think that’s really the only major school in the SEC that will be in that conversation. Two weeks from now, the Alabama conversation comes back or could come back. So I think that’s the danger.”

LSU does kick off the season against Florida State, whom they lost to last year, but the Tigers bounced back later on in the year to win the SEC West.

Finebaum also points out that losing Maason Smith due to a suspension may also affect that game.

“I really don’t like the ‘one player will not determine the game’ but the Maason Smith situation, I think that has to make them uncomfortable (against Florida State),” Finebaum said. “He’s an impact player and I think he’s the type of player that could play a huge role in that game next Sunday night.”

We will see if Finebaum’s prediction will come true.

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