Nick Saban Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

For about a decade and a half, Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban has been the face of college football. But prominent college football personality Paul Finebaum thinks that’s changing, and he doesn’t think Saban is ready for it.

During a recent appearance on The Audible, Paul Finebaum suggested that Nick Saban could be feeling some vulnerability due to his age after missing the College Football Playoff last year and starting 1-1 this year.

“He has to feel vulnerable,” said Finebaum according to On3. “I’m a couple of years behind him so I don’t want to get too carried away with the age question. But he’s about to turn 72. There’s not a 72-year-old in America, except the two guys running for president of the United States, who don’t think about age and their place in history.”

“I think he has to be thinking about that,” said Finebaum. “I don’t think he wants to walk away nor do I think he’ll immediately consider that.”

Finebaum also suggested that Saban could have an issue accepting the proverbial changing of the guard in college football where he is “just another guy” and not the face of the sport.

“He also, I don’t think, can handle being just another guy,” Finebaum said. “Right now? He’s not another guy but he’s not the center of attention. He’s not the center of attention in his own league. And he certainly isn’t the center of attention in college football with what is happening in Boulder.”

Things are certainly much different for Saban these days. We’ll have to see how he handles it.