Devin Danielson Pittsburgh Football Devin Danielson and his Pittsburgh teammates went viral with a bizarre, painful and funny moment during a blowout win over Miami.

There wasn’t much on-field drama to speak of in Saturday’s football game between the Pittsburgh Panthers and their ACC rivals, the Miami Hurricanes. The Panthers cruised to a 42-16 victory over the Hurricanes. But while what happened on the field wasn’t particularly dramatic, we can’t say the same about the sideline.

Miami scored a pair of fourth-quarter touchdowns and while they didn’t do anything to threaten the Pittsburgh victory, something happened during one of them that clearly annoyed a Panthers player. It also created an unintentionally hilarious moment with some of his teammates.

After Miami scored what ended up being the game’s final touchdown, cameras caught Pitt defensive lineman Devin Danielson upset on the sidelines. That, in and of itself, isn’t terribly noteworthy. But as he was walking in front of the bench, Danielson whacked himself in the head with his helmet three times. His teammates took notice and had an interesting reaction to it.

They were not the only ones. College football fans everywhere voiced their feelings about Danielson’s unusual method of stress relief, as well as the reaction of his teammates.

If we may, here’s a friendly piece of advice for anyone who may oppose Danielson in future games. Should a fight break out, stay away. He did this to his own head while his team was winning in garbage time. Imagine what he’d do to yours if things get tense in a close game.

[Photo Credit: ESPN College Football on Twitter]

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