College football fans had a lot to say as the Pop-Tarts Bowl's mascot became a giant Pop-Tart after Kansas State's win. Photo Credit: ESPN+ Photo Credit: ESPN+

As the old saying goes, “To the victor belong the spoils” and on Thursday night, Kansas State’s football team was treated to one heck of a spoil shortly after a victory.

The Wildcats defeated North Carolina State 28-19 in the Pop-Tarts Bowl. Shortly after the game, Kansas State gathered a giant toaster on the field. On top of the toaster was the game’s edible mascot — a giant Pop-Tart — dancing to Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff.”

Then, things got real.

In November, it was announced that the Pop-Tarts Bowl would have an edible mascot. It was, of course, fair to wonder exactly how that would work. On Thursday night, that question was answered.

The mascot held up a sign that said “Dreams really do come true” and began to slowly descend into the toaster. As he fell out of the camera’s view, he threw the sign out. After a few seconds, a chute at the bottom of the toaster opened. Out of it emerged a giant Pop-Tart for the Wildcats to enjoy.

They did just that.

Naturally, this had people buzzing.

When the College Football Playoff expands to 12 teams next season, all of the New Year’s Six games will be part of the championship tournament. Will any other bowls emerge as the best of the rest? If this is what the Pop-Tarts Bowl has to offer going forward, don’t be surprised to see this become a destination bowl.

[PJ Green on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: ESPN+]

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