Big Hit

Stereotypically, quarterbacks are not the biggest, the strongest, or the most aggressive players on a football team, which is why there are so many rules to protect them on the field. But Georgia Southern Eagles quarterback Kyle Vantrease proved that stereotype incorrect during his team’s game against the UAB Blazers this weekend.

During the third quarter of Saturday afternoon’s game between the Eagles and the Blazers, Vantrease threw a long pass down the sideline on the left side of the field. Unfortunately for Vantrease, his intended receiver was covered and the ball was tipped up into the air and intercepted by UAB safety Jaylen Key.

Following the interception, Key returned the ball down the sideline and initially appeared to have a chance to return it for a touchdown. But then he ran into Vantrease at about the 10-yard line, who absolutely laid him out.

Obviously, the big hit did not quite make up for the interception, but it was still a strong effort from Vantrease to not only make the tackle but to deliver a strong and punishing hit on the opposing player.

As for the rest of the game, UAB ultimately beat Georgia Southern by a score of 35-21. Maybe next time the Eagles will consider putting Vantrease at linebacker to help bolster their defense.

[Colton Denning]