Quarterbacks Quinn Ewers (3) and Arch Manning (16) talk during the first Texas Longhorns football practice of 2023 at the Frank Denius Fields Quarterbacks Quinn Ewers (3) and Arch Manning (16) talk during the first Texas Longhorns football practice of 2023 at the Frank Denius Fields on the University of Texas at Austin campus on Monday, March 6, 2023.

One of the most interesting quarterback battles happening before the 2023 college football season is the one at Texas where Quinn Ewers is looking to hold off Arch Manning for the starting spot.

So far it sounds like it’s Ewers’ job to lose as Manning adjusts to the college game. Still, it’s hard not to imagine there’s a strong rivalry between the star QBs.

For his part, Ewers sees it less as a rivalry and more like a strong connection between two quarterbacks and friends.

“Me and Arch are great buddies. I’ve known him — I got to know him pretty well in the recruiting process. We’ve only grown in our relationship. Like you said, we have a great relationship,” Ewers said, via On3 Sports. “We get along well. The whole quarterback room is just such a great group of guys. No one is trying to undercut somebody or try to get ahead in certain ways. We are just a good group of guys, great buddies. We’ve been hanging out together. Those are like my best friends, the people in the quarterback room.”

While Manning came to Austin with enormous hype as a top prospect, Ewers says that’s not really part of their day-to-day process as they continue to connect.

“Yeah, obviously Arch was highly recruited out of high school, obviously got a huge last name in the game of football. But yeah, we don’t really talk about it. You know, obviously like you said, we both understand where we kind of came from and our upbringing,” Ewers said. “And I think both of us, we were kind of raised in a great way to where we have great people in our corner which allows us to kind of stay within ourselves and not branch out into all the commotion that’s going on in the outside world. We just kind of focus on what’s going on with us and our family and our good buddies.”

Of course, it’s all fun and games until the season starts. If Ewers struggled, how long before Steve Sarkisian decides to give Arch his shot?

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