Chris Doering dresses like a clown

Last weekend was tough for fans of the Florida Gators. After beating Utah earlier this season, the Gators have struggled and that continued against the rival LSU Tigers, who beat them 45-35. It was the Tiger’s fourth win in a row over the Gators.

The weekend was even tougher for SEC Network analyst Chris Doering who played wide receiver for the Gators in the 1990s under Steve Spurrier.

Every year, Doering and his SEC NOW co-host Peter Burns, an LSU fan, make a bet on this game. The loser has to pay off the bet by doing or wearing something silly.

This year, the bet was that the loser had to dress up as a clown. Since Doering lost the bet, he had to pay up, to the delight of Burns who hasn’t lost the bet in the past four years. During a segment on Monday, Doering had to interview LSU head coach Brian Kelly dressed as a clown.

In years past, Doering has had to dress up as the Tiger King and Mr. Peanut.

The broadcasting duo had loads of fun and, of course, so did fans of one school in particular as well.

They say in the SEC it just means more. In this instance, it also means more makeup.

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