Sherrone Moore Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch

With Jim Harbaugh heading to the NFL to become the next head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, the Michigan Wolverines have tabbed former offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore as the team’s next head coach, and it sounds like he is excited about the opportunity.

During his introductory press conference on Friday, Sherrone Moore offered his reaction to getting the opportunity to serve as Michigan’s next head coach.

“Speechless happy, excited, anxious. Many things went through my head,” Moore said at his press conference according to On3.

“But all I know is I want to get to work to continue what we’ve done because I’ve seen the path and what it’s taken to get there, and it’s been a path of work, a path of grinding, and I just want to make sure I continue to do that.”

The biggest thing for Moore as he steps into his new position in replacement of Harbaugh is for him to remain true to himself and not try to be too much like Harbaugh.

“Yeah, I’m just gonna be me. I can’t be Coach (Harbaugh). I love Coach (Harbaugh), he loves this university. You know, I’ve watched him coach for the last six years. But I can’t be Jim Harbaugh, so I’m going to be me,” said Moore. He really believes in sticking to who he is over trying to be someone he isn’t.

“I think — in this business, and in any world — if you’re not yourself, then you’re going to lose the people around you. So I’m definitely going to be myself, be who I am, my leadership styles, how I approach things.”