Javon Bullard hits Marvin Harrison Jr.

A memorabilia company came under fire Tuesday night for advertising the sale of photo prints of the play that gave Ohio State Buckeyes star wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. a concussion.

As soon as that report surfaced, however, the photographer who says he took the photo claims the company is using it without his permission.

Georgia’s More Than Sports advertised signed prints of Bulldogs defensive back Javon Bullard‘s big hit on Harrison Jr. in the Peach Bowl College Football Playoff Semifinal. The hit knocked Harrison unconscious, left him unable to return to the game and caused a concussion. Officials originally called Bullard for targeting but overturned the call after review. Georgia went on to win, 42-41.

The photo print, selling for $129.99, includes Bullard’s inscription, “Night Night.”

Harrison Jr. spotted the photo print and seemed amused.

“Night Night lol bet,” he tweeted.

Other people on Twitter were not so kind, ripping the company and Bullard for the tasteless item.

Photographer Tom Orr quickly got wind of the photo and sent a tweet clarifying that he did not give permission for its use.

“You’ve probably seen this incredibly tasteless autographed photo going around Twitter tonight,” Orr wrote. “The original photo is mine and was apparently cropped to remove the watermark. I did not sell the rights to my photo to this company and have contacted them, asking them to remove it.”

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