Stetson Bennett IV exits jail after his public intoxication arrest. Stetson Bennett IV exits jail after his public intoxication arrest.

Former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett became visibly annoyed with police officers after his January arrest for public intoxication, video of the incident reveals.

Bennett was arrested on Jan. 29 in Dallas after a 911 call around 6:15 a.m. reported someone appearing “very” intoxicated had been knocking on her door and yelling at her.

Video obtained by TMZ Sports from the Dallas Police Department shows Bennett sitting in the police car, clearly annoyed with officers, sarcastically “thanking” them for looking out for him. In the initial report, police said Bennett smelled strongly of alcohol and they worried he would be a crime victim if they did not bring him in.

“The door shut and somebody fell asleep,” Bennett said. “And now five million people gotta see it, don’t they? Thank you, boys, for looking out for me. You guys are the best.”

Bennett later added, “Reputation ruined. Everything I worked for for 20 years, ruined. But ya’ll boys just looking out for me, aren’t ya? Thank you, sir.”

Bennett addressed the incident last month for the first time.

“I understand why that can’t happen,” Bennett said (via TMZ). “I’ve talked to coaches about it, talked to GMs. I’ve apologized to my family. That’s who I felt worse about; I felt like I let them down, because no matter where I go now [people are going to know about it]. Even without all this, I’ve got an obligation. I’m the fourth [Stetson Bennett]. You can’t do that if you’re last name is Bennett. I know better.”

The 25-year-old Bennett, who won back-to-back MVP honors in leading the Bulldogs to consecutive CFP National Championships, is considered a marginal NFL Draft prospect.

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