Texas A&M loses to Alabama

As Texas A&M started the final possession of Saturday’s game against Alabama, there were two possibilities. One, the Aggies could have scored and defeated the Tide for a second straight year. Two, A&M, a program that has not enjoyed a good 2022 season, could have fallen just short against the nation’s top-ranked team. There was really no way that the game would have been a negative for the Aggies. Yet somehow, that’s exactly what happened.

While Texas A&M got a jaw-dropping reception from receiver Evan Stewart and Alabama had a game-clinching interception overturned on a holding penalty, the Aggies still fell short. On the two-yard line with enough time to run one play, Jimbo Fisher and company dialed up a play that, quite frankly, left a lot to be desired.

And with that, the final narrative surrounding Texas A&M’s effort against Alabama wasn’t that the Aggies defeated — or even narrowly lost to —  a juggernaut program. No, the final narrative was that Texas A&M called a terrible play.

The final play call got a lot of well-earned second-guessing. We even saw an undeniable parallel between the Aggies on Saturday and what the Denver Broncos did on Thursday night. Fisher and Texas A&M got a lot of criticism when this game was over.

Nick Saban and the Alabama defense deserve plenty of praise for coming through with a big stop. Still, it feels like Fisher, a coach with $90 million remaining on his contract, should probably have a better play dialed up in such a big spot.

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