Tim Tebow University of Florida great Tim Tebow delivers the commencement address during Spring 2022 Commencement Ceremony being held at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, in Gainesville Fla. April 29, 2022. Florida Gators great Tim Tebow was the commencement speaker. He talked about not just being successful, but being sure that you were being significant. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun] Flgai 042922 Pkyongefbspring Ufgraduationtebow 1785

Many people may not realize this, but every year, Tim Tebow auctions off his Heisman Trophy to the highest bidder for charity. Tebow, who won the trophy back in 2007, has raised over $1 million for his charities over the years. The auction winner gets to keep the trophy for a year and then it’s returned for the next round.

This year’s winner is country superstar and American Idol judge Luke Bryan. That may come as a surprise to some because Bryan is a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan.

We guess one couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be the temporary owner of the Heisman Trophy awarded to one of the greatest college athletes of all time, even if it is from a rival.

Aside from his football and baseball exploits, Tebow is known for his charitable works. As many know, he hosts prom nights for special needs children across the country and he goes around giving speeches to various Christian organizations.

The former Florida quarterback has always had a big heart, which is why he has garnered a lot of fans over the years throughout his college and pro days. And anytime he is involved in a charity, it is a very good cause.

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