College Football Video Game

EA Sports hasn’t published a college football video game since NCAA14 debuted ahead of the 2013-14 season, and a lot has changed in the college football world since then. So with EA Sports debuting a new college football game in 2023, the company is doing everything it can to make a modern simulation of the modern game.

As a result of the vastly different college football landscape, EA Sports is including several new features in the new version of the famous college football game. And one of those new additions to the game might be a little annoying and controversial to some fans and gamers.

According to Chris Vannini of The Athletic, EA Sports College Football 24 – the new edition of the famous college football game – will include the NCAA transfer portal.

The addition of the transfer portal into the game makes sense as it’s become an important part of college football in recent years. But that doesn’t mean all fans are going to love the new feature. And some are already making jokes about pointing out some potential flaws with the portal’s inclusion.

The new college football game will debut next summer ahead of the 2023-24 college football season and will be available on next-gen consoles only.

[Chris Vannini]