Urban Meyer FOX Sports college football analyst Urban Meyer walks along the sideline before a game between Michigan and Maryland at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022. Syndication Detroit Free Press

It’s been a few years since three-time national champion head coach Urban Meyer has coached in a college football game for the Ohio State Buckeyes. But as an analyst for Fox and the Big Ten Network, he’s now free to give his opinions about the ever-changing college football landscape. And this week, he gave his thoughts on College Football Playoff expansion.

In a conversation with fellow college football analyst Gerry DiNardo of the Big Ten Network this week, Urban Meyer revealed that he’s in favor of expanding the College Football Playoff because it means more interest for both fans of college football and the players.

“I think the exposure, the interest in the College Football Playoff is an A-plus. That is occupying that thought process of fans. If you don’t make the playoffs, players become disinterested,” Meyer said. “That’s why you’ve seen many teams lose players for bowl games. It’s not that they don’t wanna play. If I’m not in the national title hunt, I’m not playing in some second-level bowl game.”

Even though Meyer retired following the 2018 season, before things like the NCAA Transfer Portal and the new NIL rules were really put in place, he is certainly no stranger to players opting out of bowl games. And it sounds like he thinks playoff expansion would help solve that problem.

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