USC vs. UCLA security guard

The USC vs. UCLA rivalry has featured some of the hardest-hitting players in football history, with players like Troy Polamalu and Ronnie Lott. Saturday’s classic game between the two saw one of the greatest hits in the history of the rivalry. Only, it wasn’t delivered by one of the players.

Saturday’s game was a classic, with USC making a big defensive play late to defeat UCLA and keep its College Football Playoff hopes alive. But even when the Trojans and Bruins weren’t playing, there was excitement.

During a break in the action, one of the fans at the Rose Bowl decided to sneak onto the field and run around for a little bit. He did well and even had a step on two trailing security guards as he crossed midfield. Unfortunately for the fan, he showed his hubris. He didn’t keep his head on a swivel. And with that, he was completely unaware that another guard was charging in fast from his right.

The results were painful and — quite frankly — glorious.

College football fans had a lot to say about the epic hit laid down by the Rose Bowl security guard.

Indeed, there were plenty of games on Saturday that could have used that kind of tackling. Let this be a warning to anyone else going to a game at the Rose Bowl. Don’t run onto the field. If you do, be sure you know where this guy is at all times.

[Photo Credit: bruin_2323 on Twitter]

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