Aaron Rodgers in January 2020

Aaron Rodgers came into the NFL season with the possibility that this would be his last as a member of the Green Bay Packers. It remains to be seen how things will play out, but his interview on Friday, in which he confirmed that he was unvaccinated and went on an anti-vax tirade, certainly changed the perception a lot of people had of the NFL MVP.

The Packers are 7-2 and in a good position to compete for the top seed in the NFC. Rodger is set to return to the team on Saturday and reclaim his spot as the starting quarterback. So we’ll have to see if all of that bodes well for him and the rest of his career.

But if the winds of change blow through and Rodgers or the Packers do decide they want to move forward with a trade following the season, one NFL agent thinks that the market for his talents might be a little smaller than it used to be.

“I definitely think some teams will stay away from him now, but he just needs one,” an agent told Mike Sando of The Athletic.

“I think all this B.S. impacts his desirability to other teams,” one executive said. “He may have to stay in Green Bay.”

“I think it all depends on how you view the Martin Luther King quote,” said another executive. “That was the only thing he said that I think could affect wanting to acquire him or keep him. The rest, people have done worse and stayed on rosters and made a lot of money.”

A third executive pointed out that the only teams who probably wouldn’t be interested in acquiring Rodgers are teams with locked-in star QBs of their own, such as Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Seattle, and Kansas City. Otherwise, the desire to acquire a Hall-of-Fame caliber quarterback with something to prove would far outweigh any of the comments he made last week.

Anonymous NFL executives haven’t been too kind to Rodgers this season, but barring any further wild comments or additional off-field issues, it does seem hard to believe that most NFL franchises wouldn’t jump at the chance to have him as their quarterback. It’s a league where there was still a solid trade market for Deshaun Watson, after all.

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