Every sports media member around the country has added their two cents to this ongoing story with Nick Saban voicing his opinions on NIL deals and calling out several schools and coaches in the process.

One media member who thinks Saban needed to apologize ASAP is Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd. Cowherd thinks that Saban is a hypocrite and called on the Alabama coach to apologize, which he since has.

“Nick [Saban] is being a hypocrite,” Cowherd said. “Nick said it for a reason. Nick made it personal. Nick went over the line.

“Nick needs to apologize. There’s no proof Texas A&M is buying players… He ripped a coach, he ripped a program. It’s unprofessional and he frankly is held to a higher standard.”

Cowherd hasn’t exactly been a cheerleader for Saban in the past, so his comments shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Cowherd thought former Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn had Saban’s number after the infamous “Kick 6” Iron Bowl game when the Tigers won on a miracle play.

“I think he’s going to be a nightmare,” Cowherd said about Malzahn back in 2013. “I am amazed that Alabama fans aren’t concerned about Gus Malzahn.”

Cowherd later admitted that he was wrong about Malzahn who is now the head coach at Central Florida.

Saban appears to have taken Cowherd’s advice, though probably not purposefully. Saban also said that he reached out to Fisher and Deion Sanders but neither returned his call.

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