Dan Le Batard Knicks Pacers Tyrese Haliburton and the Pacers made history in Game 7 against the Knicks on Sunday. Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has come under fire for their coverage and handling of Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The New York Knicks fell to the Indiana Pacers at the conclusion of a thrilling seven-game series. However, even after the game has been long over, there’s still controversy about it.

Plenty of notable people criticized the network for how they covered the game. It was very New York-heavy, which many onlookers pointed out in real time.

On Monday, Dan Le Batard took ESPN and their personalities to task for how they handled the situation.

“It was very celebrating of all things New York. The same way that the big networks celebrate the Cowboys and the things that get ratings. But to me, if I’m a Pacers fan, the part that pisses me off is the last four minutes of that game,” Le Batard said via Awful Announcing. “A historic game for the Pacers – only (Mike) Breen every once in a while would bring it back to the Pacers.

“It was the Knicks that they were talking about the whole time, and if I were a Pacers fan, I’d be mad at how slanted that coverage was.”

Le Batard later said that perceived disrespect is what sports fans care about, and while others might not feel a way about it, valid reasons existed for why Pacers fans would feel a way about this.

Nevertheless, ESPN received plenty of criticism for this. It wasn’t just from Le Batard either, as their own Pat McAfee mocked the coverage of it as well. So it sounds like they may have a situation on their hands… if they care to fix it, that is.

The sports world reacted to what Dan Le Batard had to say.


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