Wednesday, Katie Nolan made the sudden announcement that she was no longer employed by ESPN, where she had worked since 2017.

“I’ve thought about sending this tweet for weeks and I still have no clue how to make it not make you all roll your eyes,” said Nolan. “The obvious thing has happened. I no longer work at ESPN. I’m really grateful for my time here. I made incredible friendships and valuable mistakes.”

The news wasn’t terribly shocking consider Always Late, Nolan’s late night show, was canceled last year. Still, for Nolan’s time with the company to end with such little fanfare definitely caught many off-guard, given the various ways ESPN had tried to harness her digital expertise and social media awareness across various platforms.

Nolan implied that the move was either personally motivated or at least appreciated due to the effects of the pandemic on daily life.

Plenty of well-wishes poured in from around the sports world, but Nolan got a lot of complimentary appreciation from her former co-workers at ESPN, many of whom chimed in on Twitter once the news was out.

Nolan was vague on where she’ll eventually land next, but it seems like wherever she goes she’ll end up being well-regarded by her peers. Now if only the sports media companies who employ her can figure out how to best use her talents…

[Katie Nolan]

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