Tuesday morning, ESPN personality Mike Golic Jr. announced on social media that he will be leaving ESPN after starting with the company in 2015.

This comes after Barrett Sports Media reported a memo sent to ESPN Radio affiliates noting that Golic would no longer be hosting his afternoon drivetime show with Chris Canty. Golic Jr. confirmed the news on his Twitter this morning.

“life update” tweet: “yesterday was officially my last day at ESPN. it was 6.5 years of my professional life, but really it’s been all I’ve ever known. simply put, ESPN changed my life in ways I will never be able to properly express my gratitude for,” wrote Golic.

“I love so many people here so freaking much. I’ve cried like 5 times writing this which surprises no one. I came here young, dumb, and very insecure about how I’d be perceived for obvious reasons. I cannot tell you how much even the smallest kindness meant to me then, and now.”

“I’m not gonna ramble so I’ll just say this. Thank you. Thanks to ESPN, my coworkers, my bosses, anyone who ever listened to or watched anything I did. You guys all rock and I love you. We’ll get to what comes next later.”

Many former colleagues, friends, and fans of Golic Jr. reached out on social media to wish him the best going forward following news of his departure from the company.

This is nearly a year after Golic Jr.’s father Mike Golic stepped away from ESPN in a similar fashion when Golic’s morning show Golic & Wingo was replaced by a new morning show.

It is unclear if there are any indications right now where Golic Jr. will be going in the future, but based on how loved he is by those he has worked with, he should be back somewhere else in the very near future.


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