The fate of daily fantasy sports in Maryland could fall into the hands of the state’s voters, on whether or not it should be legal. A bill that advanced in the Senate on Tuesday would allow voters to weigh in on the state of daily fantasy sports.

The bill includes regulations for the daily fantasy sports industry, but the regulations would only come to fruition if it was legalized. Another bill would enact a ban on daily fantasy sports that would become effective in January.

If Maryland were to legalize it, they would be the second state to do so. Virginia became the first state to legalize it earlier this month, after seven states have already declared it illegal, including New York and Texas.

In Virginia, the daily fantasy sports sites must undergo independent audits every year, pay a $50,000 fee to operate, ensure that players are 18 or older, and ban employees from participating in public contests, among other regulations.

“We want to give the people a chance to decide yes or no,” said Sen. Douglas J.J. Peters (D-Prince George’s), the sponsor of the referendum measure, via the Washington Post. He added legislators also “want to be fair” to the state’s casinos, “to be honest with you.”

The bills are set for a final vote on Thursday in the Senate.

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