Titans helmet A Tennessee Titans helmet rests on the field during a training camp practice at Ascension Saint Thomas Sports Park Saturday, July 30, 2022, in Nashville, Tenn. Nas 0730 Titans 009

The Tennessee Titans and different people on Broadway in Nashville combined for an absolutely side-splitting NFL schedule release on Thursday night.

Different people were shown the logos of each of Tennessee’s opponents for the upcoming NFL season. They were then asked to guess what the team was. While the results lacked in actual knowledge of the logos, the entertainment value more than made up for it. After each incorrect guess, the Fox Sports theme plays. On the screen is the correct logo of the opponent, matched with the incorrect name.

The video starts off hot, with a young woman asking, “What the **** is that?” It only gets better from there.

It’s unlikely that even one reveal will fail to generate laughter.

The Cowboys, a woman calling the Los Angeles Chargers “Lightning McQueen” and the Jacksonville Jaguars being called “Chester Cheeto” and “Actually does not exist” are both funny. And who among us is not looking forward to that Thursday night game between the Titans and the “49ers, 69ers stars” also known by their suddenly boring name, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ultimately, though, the Indianapolis Colts being labeled as the Dallas Cowboys twice, by different people is the peak.

This caused a lot of laughter among football fans.

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