As if introducing the Twix donut was not enough for 7-Eleven’s creative minds, they have one more new flavor combination worth trying to offer you in the form of a Slurpee. Say hello to Pepsi Fire, the Pepsi-flavored Slurpee with a dash of cinnamon.

At select locations in the state of Michigan, 7-Eleven customers can fill their cups with the Pepsi Fire Slurpee, a limited edition release. Unfortunately for cinnamon-lovers who prefer Pepsi, a Slurpee is the only way this flavor can be enjoyed, as it is not at this time available in regular soda form in cans or bottles or fountain dispensers. Perhaps Pepsi could be convinced to give that a try down the line if the Pepsi Fire Slurpee sales go through the roof.

The Pepsi Fire Slurpee is available now, and it has generated some mixed reactions online.

This guy didn’t seem to like it…

So maybe the Pepsi Fire isn’t going to take off if the initial feedback is any indication. The hope is still out there for a can, thanks in part to a supposed prototype being leaked online in recent months.

So there may be some hope for those cinnamon-loving Pepsi consumers. After all, people love cinnamon.

[UPROXX/Photo: @ken2158]

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